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High Priority[edit | edit source]

  • Create pages and collect info about the Federation and Super Earth government.
    • Including culture, military, and specifics, like:
      • Fleet composition, armament, and tech logistics e.g. the ships, fighters, gunships, hellpod, servo-droids, training facility, teleport, the Galactic Wide Web, etc.
      • We know the armament of the orbiting ships, the eagle fighters, what weapons they can carry, etc. Look into details about privates on the bridge, add info about how mission survivors are actually civilians, how the stratagem officer is actually the left-side bridge quartermaster, etc.
  • Create a page about Super Earth.
  • Seriously, create a page about Super Earth.
  • Create a page about Super Earth.
  • Create Achievements page.
  • Add Retaliatory Strike page with all map's images, difficulties, and description.

Medium Priority[edit | edit source]

  • Add the "Objective Codes" page along with all codes.
  • Revamp factions pages.
  • Add more info to grenades' individual pages and create an article for frag (standard) grenades.
  • Update "/Stratagem Codes/By Input Similarity" page layout to match Stratagem Codes page. Once the latter is finalized.
    • Change all strat input codes to single arrow image sequences (example: arrow1down/arrow2left/arrow3right/arrow4up).
    • This system ensures they all have the exact same dimensions and appear the same size, plus it will make the stratagem code tables sortable properly by input code similarity. Hopefully.
      • Right now, input code naming and image dimensions are a mess.
      • So, delete the old code images when (if) the new, modular strat code image system has been implemented. Also reduces wiki image file clutter.

Low Priority[edit | edit source]

  • Consider possibility of merging Stratagem page with Stratagem Codes page.
  • Add Sieyl's ammo clip and UI bar silhouette blocks to primaries/secondaries/sidearms/vehicles/AT-47 pages.
    • First, figure out where on those pages to display them and in what format they will be presented.
    • Create a page "UI Elements" for new players, describing what is what.
  • Add the armoury lore's upgrade descriptions to all non-secondary-weapon stratagem pages.
  • Add visual indicator of tech tree structure to weapons' pages.
    • Idea: "Upgrades" page with general overview/description of all weapon upgrades.
      • Merge additional text below upgrade box for all weapons into that page?
  • Evaluate proposition of an article on mission types (regular/RS/assault/defense/master), separating it from other info.
    • Acquire and list data regarding which objectives spawn at which difficulty levels/missions e.g. no beacons/nests/AA on city maps.
    • Create a page on the different planet types, with their terrains and hazards.
  • Remove the Screenshots section from the front page, as it screws up page link thumbnails.
  • Create a page about Liberty Day/Helldivers release day.
  • Upgrade main page to a responsive layout
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