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Greywolf's Comprehensive Guide for New Helldivers by Greywolf

Private Level.png

At ease, soldier. And drop the "Sir" bullshit, this isn't the space navy - we don't do the pointless formality here. Rank or no rank, so long as you can do your job, you're gonna be equal with all of us. And how to do your job is why you are reading this, isn't it?........

Helliquette - a gentleman's guide to the galaxy by sokunokumi

Mission.png Reloading.png

Someone brought up the idea of an proper Etiquette thread and since I have seen none, here it is. Most things should be common knowledge in the real world like "Don't take other peoples stuff unless they offer it" but I am pretty sure we all have seen otherwise. Anyhow here are some of my behavioral points........

Helldivers Tactical Manual Video Guide by sieghrain

Ranged Combat.png Downed.png Prone.png

In preparation for tonight's release of Super-Earth Ultimate Edition, I made some simple guides to help out new people into the game! I pretty much made a video version of the Tactical Manual that is available on the Encyclopedia inside the ship.

  • Ranged Combat / Downed State / Prone........

Stratagem Of The Day Videos by The_Arnolds

I've recently start making short "Stratagem of The Day" videos. I had an idea that perhaps I could collect people's opinions and read them out over gameplay footage. I especially want to hear when people think it's okay and not okay to use........


Visit The Arnolds youtube channel for more videos.

Tips on fighting Enemy Masters (all 3) by cusman

MotG Enemies.png

Bug Master - Hive Lord

  • Everything damages it (so all Primary Weapons whittle its health down)
  • For faster damaging, use Supply Stratagem Weapons like REC-6 Demolishers, Quad Squad (Commando), Recoilless Rifles, EAT-17s, LAS-98, Obliterator, etc.
  • Strongest add threat of the 3 Masters where once you reduce health enough, you will start facing Impalers and Brood Commanders........

Cup of LiberTEAmwork - A Guide to Helldiving Etiquette by NALS_86

Friendly Fire.png Stratagem Beacons2.png

So we have now successfully completed a few wars and are all pretty much set in our helldiving ways but there are still a few/majority of people who are still coming to terms with the teamwork aspects of this galactic campaign. I have read the debates and grief among this forums and offer a productive guide/solution to people running into problems or........

A random assortment of Hell Dive strategy and tips by LudicSavant

Capital Defence.png Heavy Armour.png

In no particular order...

Stars: Your influence gained from completing planets is tied to how many stars you get on each mission. Each star is dependent on different criteria.

  • The first star is gained by completing each mission objective successfully. Failing just one will lose the star. It doesn't matter how many........

Helldivers Advanced Tactics by GazingPete

Advanced Tactics.jpg

Video guides geared towards level 12 difficulty.

Some more in depth information about using rumbler to kill ifv's and aa guns, jumping on the shuttle, identifying the kinds of enemies about to spawn based on what is spawning, picking loadouts where stratagems compliment each other, being a part of a team, and screen placement.