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Talk:P-2 Peacemaker

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Some issues with new edits[edit source]

Noticed a few new edits that could be better, will edit and note my reasoning here to clarify why.

Description Header[edit source]

The "In-Game Description" header immediately following the page title goes against the convention of most wikis, which simply have the page title followed by a description. Whether the description is taken from the game or not doesn't matter and doesn't need to be communicated with a header which only serves to add clutter.

Image Quality[edit source]

Too many images clutter and bloat the page without even showing basic info like stats. The animated GIF also brings the page from 1.1MB to ~5MB (annoying for slow connections or mobile users). Most images are badly cropped and uploaded at a resolution equivalent to 720p rather than 1080p, making them look sloppy. Will upload new images with better cropping.

Upgrade path layout[edit source]

Upgrade path was indented bullet list, reformatted as a table for better readability.