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==Difficulty Kills Required Table==
Retaliatory Strikes are available from [[Planets#Overview|Medium]] up to the [[Planets#Overview|Helldive]] Difficulty, for each faction. High in-game knowledge and skills are required from the Helldivers to successfully complete the mission.
Retaliatory Strikes can appear from [[Planets#Overview|Medium]] up to the [[Planets#Overview|The Inner Circle of Hell]] difficulty as one of the tree missions.
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! rowspan="2" | Difficulty !! rowspan="2" style="text-align:left" | Description !! colspan="3" | Enemies to Kill
! rowspan="2" | Difficulty !! rowspan="2" style="text-align:left" | Description !! colspan="3" | Enemies to kill
! style="width:80px" | Bug !! style="width:80px" | Cyborg !! style="width:80px" | Illuminate
! style="width:80px" | Bug !! style="width:80px" | Cyborg !! style="width:80px" | Illuminate

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Work in Progress[edit | edit source]

To be expanded:

  • A specific number of enemies required to accomplish the mission for all factions at any difficulty.
  • Advanced tactics/techniques such as a recommend and the most useful loadouts, tricks and more...
  • All hand-crafted arenas. (+ screenshots)
    • Effects of the various terrain types on certain maps (i.e. the "small cyborg square" never features any terrain hazard, etc.)
      • And all bugs, glitches, and exploits assigned to them.

Retaliatory Strike[edit | edit source]

Retaliatory Strike missions are a part of a free content update Democracy Strikes Back released on 26th October 2015. These missions require Helldivers to drop into a hazardous, arena-like area to exterminate as many of the enemies of democracy as possible before being allowed to extract.

During a Retaliatory Strike, a large kill counter (with progress bar) will appear at the top of the screen.

Kill counter rs.png

Retaliatory Strike Arenas[edit | edit source]

There are 108 handcrafted arenas in total. Going left to right, Bugs, Cyborgs, and Illuminates previews appear in columns of four. City Event arenas appear as a row separately at the bottom:

Rs maps.png

Difficulty Kills Required Table[edit | edit source]

Retaliatory Strikes can appear from Medium up to the The Inner Circle of Hell difficulty as one of the tree missions.

Difficulty Description Enemies to kill
Bug Cyborg Illuminate
4 Medium 200 200 180
5 Challenging 225 225 200
6 Very Challenging 250 250 220
7 Hard 275 275 240
8 Very Hard 275 275 260
9 Hard as Hell 300 300 280
10 Suicide Mission 325 325 300
11 Impossible 350 350 350
12 Helldive 400 400 400
13 An Exercise in Futility 410 410 410
14 The Definition of Insanity ? ? ?
15 The Inner Circle of Hell 450 450 450

Retaliatory Strike Hazards[edit | edit source]

The Retaliatory Strike arenas usually do not stand out, but a few of them are extremely dangerous, not only because they are filled with enemies - Arenas are arranged with hazards such as:

Gameplay Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The AT-47 Anti-Tank Emplacement is very effective on the Retaliatory Strike mission-type, especially against Cyborgs or Bugs, and many players consider this Stratagem to be overly powerful against any enemy race. For new recruits especially, the AT-47 can turn a seemingly impossible endeavour into an easy experience. One or two emplacements defended and/or healed by other players with additional defensive items is a commonly found set-up for RS missions.
  • Another effective tactic is to set up defenses such as Airdropped Anti-Personnel Mines or the A/AC-6 Tesla Tower in the center of the map. If (or rather when) the enemy swarms your position, reposition by skirting around the defenses (or by using a Jetpack to jump over them), escaping the enemy and simultaneously leading them back through the kill zone.
  • It is recommended to bring the laser weapons instead, you will save one stratagem (Resupply) slot which will be very helpful to you and your team on the arena.
  • Teamwork is especially required on Retaliatory Strike missions. Help your fellow Helldivers and match the loadout to theirs. (If your team is using ammo-hungry weapons and you will need more ammo, then take more resupply even at the cost of your 2 stratagems slots!)
  • Retaliatory Strikes are quite small, but it doesn't mean to stay in one place. Movement is the most important part of survivability so keep moving.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Retaliatory Strikes frequency has been lowered to max one per planet and approximately one occurrence on every third planet in Patch 4.01.
    • When playing solo in Retaliatory Strikes you will start with 2 Auto-Reinforces and a Shredder Missile Strike will clear the area when you respawn.

Gallery[edit | edit source]