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Welcome to the HELLDIVERSTM Wiki, citizen! Super Earth Super Science welcomes your contributions.

If you plan to help out on the Wiki, consider registering for a Gamepedia account. On the Helldivers Discord server (invite link here), there's a #helldivers-wiki channel where changes and additions to the Wiki can be proposed and discussed with other contributors.

While you are free to add content to the Wiki, we do structure it along some rough guidelines: what information is relevant? Where does it go?

  • For example, we like to have specific information about which weapons, tactics or stratagems are effective against specific enemies or in specific situations.
    • While "this weapon is effective against most enemies" is technically true, it does not tell the reader much about which enemies it is NOT effective against. Neither does it mention against which enemies it is especially good.
    • Similarly, just stating "use your creativity" when discussing a stratagem's tactical uses is good advice... however, the same can be said for most (if not all) other stratagems. If you can come up with specific uses for the stratagem, test them and confirm them, that will be of real help to people who read the Wiki.

In addition to our guidelines, we highly recommend using a spell checker before submitting your changes to a page. Note that this Wiki uses American English spelling.