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"Our pride, the Helldivers are the scalpel of the military might of Super Earth, young men and women are drafted from the regular army corps to do their part in the unrestful galaxy that is set on destroying Super Earth.
Helldivers are dropped into battle using the iconic Hellpods, shock-absorbing tubes that break the atmosphere at extreme velocities only to crack the ground when they open to reveal their heroic cargo." - Encyclopedia Description

The Helldiver Corps[edit | edit source]

Detailed Statistics[edit | edit source]

Name Health Constitution Armor Shield
Base Decay Base Decay Location Min Max Base Armor Regen Delay
Helldiver 100 -2 100 2 default 0 35 not shielded
w/ MD-99 Autoinjector -12
w/ Heavy Armor default 15 100
w/ SH-32 (original) front 20 400
w/ SH-32 (upgraded) 30 600
w/ SH-20 (original) default 50 0 20 15
w/ SH-20 (upgraded) 100 0 40 10

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

Helldivers are always outnumbered and the waves of enemies have no end. Keep this in mind.