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The following is a community database of users for Helldivers.

Database[edit | edit source]

name, Your Region, Console, Rank, Playstyle (Loadout) and whatever other details you may think of (Favourite enemy, weapons, difficulty level).

PSN Name Region Console Rank Details
Anonymito EUR PC 13 Mic [No] Follows orders but does not give them, All weapons (capitain decides), 6+ difficulty
OH CWAP EST PC 19 Usually sticks to solo with a UAV. Looks for samples and murders cyborgs in the snow with a UAV, whilst using a shotgun as his go-to gun. He plays as hard as possible about 95% of the time.
Sidrev WIB PC 25 Has a mic, love using stratagem, def style
gkelle2 CST PS4 20 Has a mic, team player, anti-armor style.
whythecussnot MST PS4 28 Anti-Armor | Scout | Helldives are soft-core af.
ChickenROAR JST PS4 28 Mic [Yes] Style [Anti-Armor/Support] Loadout [Democracy]
Liquid-Leeroy GMT PS4 22 Got a mic, watch out for my obliterator :P
Tamuramu CST PS4 18 Mic [Yes] Style [Support] Enemy [Cyborgs].
Fresus EST PS4 20 Loves fighting BUGS.
Zboub01 EUR PS4 50 Born to kill.
Ohh-So-Godly EST PS4 24 Has a mic.
Matt-o-phunk EST PS4 24 Has a mic.
Jermo_618 CST PS4 Prefers hard difficulty.
xXo0Shadow0oXx GMT PSVITA 19 Loves fighting Bugs.
Scyth199 EST PS4 20 Any mission is good,Has mic doesn't really use it.
Astorisk EST PS3 13 Up for whatever
ADenburg92 EST PS4 21 Mic [Yes] Style [Jetpack/Support] Enemy [Bugs]
zombieEnoch PST PS4 13 Mic, up for any fight.
LazyVigilante IST PS3 23 Squashing bugs, ripping apart cyborgs - I'm the diver Helldivers deserved all along!
YOPG EUR PC 50 Helldive Cyborgs only!
St0n3SkyY UTC PSVITA 12 Have mic, team player, Down to kill any non-human
Soku-No-Kumi GMT PS4 16 Has mic, team player, Style [Defense], Enemy [Bugs]
dapeleg USM PS3/PS4 21 Most skilled with cyborgs, Stealth/sample grinder, Common weapons: Camper, Paragon, Demo charges, Tanto, Las-cannon. Other things, Dedicated to mission, Thinks long term, not useless in a firefight.
krp10 AEST PS4 Has a mic, great defender, but please, when I say move, move. Common weapons: Camper/Sythe/Paragon, Satchel charges/Recoiless rifle, Anti Tank Mines, Resupply, 'Hellfire' Incendiary bombs. (If you play with me, be prepared for 9+)
Kyleturtle EST PS4 21 Mic, has Soloed up to Level 7 with all races.
SylverFreak IST PS4 20 Mic (only if required) | Support/Offense | Any
MINROK GMT PS4 37 Has a Mic. All enemies, Anti armor / defensive style.
White Ghost CST PC 25 Helldiver Only, Mic, Black Ops Danger Close