Hazard Ops Pack

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Hazard Ops Pack.png

The Hazard Operative Helldivers are trained in chemical and biological combat and protection. Sometimes shunned by fellow Helldivers for their use of inhumane warfare, many a Helldiver is happy to have them on the mission when it comes down to life or death. It's not like the enemy is Human after all.

  • The Hazard Ops Uniform: A cosmetic appearance option consisting of a helmet, body armor and cape.
  • AR-14D Paragon: A heavy semi-automatic rifle firing rounds similar to the AR-20L Justice, but without the penetrating capabilities. Instead the rounds are hollowed out and filled with a neurotoxin causing targets hit to become slow and sluggish.
  • TOX-13 Avenger: A high pressure liquid projection weapon similar to the FLAM-40 Incinerator. Instead of projecting flaming napalm, this weapon sprays a very potent neurotoxin resulting in slow movements and irreversible brain damage.

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